Best Gift for Children at Christmas Time

Our granddaughter is dropped at our house by her dad every school day at 7:00 a.m. So we do receive and hopefully give quality time five days a week at a time when we are all pretty vulnerable. Think of when you first wake up and your senses, numbed from sleep are ready  or not to receive input without many filters.

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Radio Interview with Town Crier & Pauline

Bill Paul is known to Londoners as the large jolly town crier who enriches all city celebrations by using his robust size and voice to attract attention. You can see him at  parades decked out in his  colourful medieval costume with a huge medallion hanging from his neck  ringing a large bell and shouting out news.

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Wise Woman Weekend

Choosing to sleep in an upper bunk for the first time in my life proved an exercise in courage, adventure and foolhardiness as once up I didn’t have a clue how to get down. Needless to say, like most adventures in life plunging ahead is fun and staying in the game is exciting.

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Weed in Order to Seed

Recognize and replace  your mental weeds of self doubt,  negativity or plain old fashioned “poor me” victimhood  with a garden of vibrant beautiful flowers and graceful greens swaying in the breeze.

Pauline will provide  useful tips for keeping the ‘weeds’ under control and replacing them with colourful blooms.