Confidence Building By Creating Your Own Kudos: Part II

UNDERSTAND that although everyone seems to have free advice, the bottom line is that you are the one who needs to wade through all of the ideas until you arrive at what suits you.

confidence2_choiceYour choices may mirror what your parents want for you or they may be vastly different. You may need to put your foot down to let family and friends know your right to decide is your right.

Each of us has the right to choose what we believe to be important. You may be the first in your family to graduate from university or you may be the first to choose to not enter university, instead embarking on a year or so of travel, volunteer work or combined work experiences with part-time study.

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Confidence Building By Creating Your Own Kudos: Part I

We need to create our own kudos for the times when others are too busy or too distracted to build us up.

confidence1_kudos“Kudos” can be a mantra that lets you know if you’re on track to discovering the real you. Kudos can also let you know if you are being true to your real you as opposed to the person others may have misjudged or underestimated you as.

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Relieve Stress by Speaking

Release the fear valves and obstructions of years of relative silence to open up new avenues for you as a speaker.

Stress ReliefLook at life differently with fresh eyes. Speaking will result in offers of assistance from those you admire. Opportunities to be part of dynamic teams at work and volunteer groups in your communities will appear as word of your speaking prowess spreads. Leadership chances will be offered to you. Career opportunities will ease the stress of feeling locked into a one-way career.

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Gains from Speaking

How will speaking help raise your self esteem?

Self EsteemCourage will grow as you speak. It is inevitable that when you face your greatest fears, you will begin to be bolder and more successful.  As admiration develops around your speaking and you delight in the applause of your peers and even strangers, you will speak more confidently and competently.  Your self esteem will gradually develop and expand like the tulip buds in spring ~ slowly at first then with grace and beauty.  It is as logical and real as nature unfolding.  Continue reading

First 20 Steps to Evaluating Performance

Successful business growth relies on successful work habits. As a leader your responsibility is to enable growth through a professional, positive, constructive process of evaluation.

Excellent evaluation fosters cost effective work habits within an atmosphere that celebrates attitude towards work.

To me, an evaluation needs to be based on a genuine desire to help the person being evaluated, a willingness to put aside one’s own agenda to concentrate on someone else’s success and journey, and an understanding of personality differences, excellence, and ego.

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June 4, 2005: Presidents’ Workshop Reflections

Wondrous, magical moment

Of connection

Eyes to eyes

Speaker to Listener

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Speak and Lead: Good Meetings

How can an ineffective leader become an effective chairperson? Why do some leaders make leading a meeting look so easy? What does someone need to know to lead a good meeting?

Unlike the  ineffective chairperson  who mumbles or shouts, plays favourites, is easily sidetracked and shows a general inability to deal with controversy, the effective chairperson practises the following:

  • Speaks clearly and calmly.
  • Remains objective, focused and courteous despite controversy.
  • Insists on mutual respect among participants.
  • Knows and practises parliamentary procedure.
  • Accommodates spirited debate.
  • Creates fair voting procedures.

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Act Before it’s Too Late

In the one and a half years that we’ve lived here I’ve only visited her one time. Although her family visited several times a week, I knew that she was lonely. She would sometimes sit on her front porch, leaning against the brick wall in her pale flowered house dress with her swollen legs and feet disappearing into shapeless slippers and floppy ankle socks.

Or if she was having a better day she’d sit on her back porch and call out “Hello Neighbour.” I’d respond and walk over to the fence to exchange a few thoughts about the weather. Katrina  invited me over one day to pick plums. While I picked she urged me “Take more. Take more.” My husband doesn’t eat much fruit and I didn’t want the plums to go bad. I offered her grapes from our vines but she said she couldn’t eat them.

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Best Gift for Children at Christmas Time

Our granddaughter is dropped at our house by her dad every school day at 7:00 a.m. So we do receive and hopefully give quality time five days a week at a time when we are all pretty vulnerable. Think of when you first wake up and your senses, numbed from sleep are ready  or not to receive input without many filters.

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Weed in Order to Seed

Recognize and replace  your mental weeds of self doubt,  negativity or plain old fashioned “poor me” victimhood  with a garden of vibrant beautiful flowers and graceful greens swaying in the breeze.

Pauline will provide  useful tips for keeping the ‘weeds’ under control and replacing them with colourful blooms.