Out of Frenzy Into Focus


This workbook can be used as a private journal to analyze what is missing in your life and what you need to include for greater happiness and success. It’s also the perfect facilitative tool for professional development adapted to reflect priorities and needs of your group.


Out of Frenzy… Into Focus helps you identify your needs, create a plan for dealing with stress, and ten strategies for replacing panic with purpose. It includes: 6 ways to clarify your vision; 3 steps for developing down to earth self honesty; 18 assertiveness habits to enable you to move from being bullied to behaving like a winner; 8 benefits of joining a “Together We Triumph” group; 4 “L’s” to nourish positive spirits; 10 Strategies for replacing panic with purpose; Faith foundations; De-cluttering and Taming time. Pauline has presented keynotes for many groups including the Canadian Mental Health Association using this material. Original chapter also included in Expert Women Who Speak, Speak Out, Vol. 2.


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