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Speak & Lead Series

If you’re looking to enhance your speaking and leading skills but are short on reading time, this series of mini books will help you learn how to leave a lasting impression. Each mini book includes concise, practical tips for professional speaking by leaders in every walk of life from health care to education to corporate CEO’s.


  • Part One:  51 Ways to Introduce a Speaker: Have you ever suffered through an overly long introduction that seemed only to provide a stage for the introducer? This mini-book provides simple, but clear strategies for any leader or introducer who needs an introduction that will set a positive, professional atmosphere.

Part Two:  47 Ways to Leave Lasting Impressions with Thank-Yous: Make sure the last impression you leave is a good one! In this mini book, you’ll learn how to avoid the common pitfalls that detract from speaker and audience enjoyment and how to maximize the moment, thereby enhancing the atmosphere for everyone in the room.

Part Three:  73 Ways to Run a Good Meeting:  Sidestep the dangers of being either too bossy or too wimpy. Learn effective strategies for chairing any meeting with masterful dignity. Be prepared. Be professional. Be effective.

Part Four:  41 Steps to Evaluating Performance: Techniques that will enable leaders to evaluate without devastating the receiver. For leaders whose goal is to improve team performance and productivity. Evaluate to maximize strengths and to pinpoint and help improve areas of weakness. Learn how to leave your receiver grateful and motivated to improve.

Part Five: How to Motivate a Group to Take Action:  An invaluable tool for fundraisers, speakers with causes and leaders willing to step away from ego and into the shoes of their audiences. This booklet includes: practical organizational strategies for researching, planning and delivering a presentation that will motivate your audience to follow through.

Part Six: Speak On Your Feet Without Falling On Your Face:  The reputations of many political, spiritual and corporate leaders have suffered from their inability to speak without a prepared script. Sharing ideas coherently in and away from business is a skill we all need in our lives. Learn and practice proven strategies for sounding coherent when speaking “off the cuff.”

Part Seven: Tips to Spice Up Your Speech with Added Humour: For those who think “I’m just not funny” but want to add a few light touches to a presentation. You don’t have to be a comedian to add humour. Help your audience to listen more eagerly to the serious material by giving them moments to relax.

Part Eight:  Develop Memorable “Stage Presence” for a Lasting Impression: For speakers who want to be remembered clear, easily used strategies guaranteed to work for every speaker from novice to professional.

Part Nine:  Use Props to Capture & Keep Attention: Practical strategies from a professional speaker about choosing appropriate props for your audience and for you, along with when and when not to use props. Smart places to find, store and display your props also included.

Part Ten: How to Plan & Deliver Educational Talks that Keep Them Awake!: Educational talks that are presented as one-time seminars differ in terms of preparation from daily lectures in academic settings. Learn to prepare, rehearse, deliver and evaluate yourself effectively for your next guest speaking role.


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