Speaking for Success: Connecting with Clarity

Potholes in the road can cause havoc! So can poor communication.

Jagged holes in formerly smooth pavements force us to veer off our chosen path.

If the pothole suddenly appears and we roll over or worse still fall in it can cause serious damage and expensive repairs.

Pot holes in communication put everyone’s nerves on edge, waste time and energy!

People who don’t know where they stand or what is expected of them become cranky, unproductive and worse.

Circumstances and our habits can turn us into communication pot hole creators.

Or we may be the victims of pot hole communicators.

Awareness of the dangers and consequences can enable us to find appropriate tools to fix what needs to be fixed before we cause serious damage to relationships and to business.

Three communication pothole creators I have noticed in business meetings

  1. Pokey Ramblers
  2. Serious Speedsters
  3. Over the Edgers
  1. Ramblers take 25 sentences to make one vague point. Their disconnected thoughts cause huge gaps in understanding for the listeners. Potential clients who fear that their time is being wasted will search for alternate providers.

Connect with a Click Clarity Solutions:

  • Write your concluding sentence ( the reason you are speaking) first.
  • Create point forms that support that conclusion.
  • Edit or have a professional editor assist you to use concise language.
  • Observe role models who speak concisely.
  • Hire a professional coach to assist you for special events that require time management and clear delivery.
  1. Speedsters cram as many words as possible into as short a time as they can.

In this whirlwind of ideas bewildered listeners gasp for thinking time.

Connect with a Click Clarity Solutions:

  • Practise speaking more slowly in everyday conversations.
  • Respond to puzzled looks by pausing to apologize for speaking too quickly.
  • Interject questions related to audience needs with pauses.
  • Practise speaking with a friend who speaks more slowly than you.
  • Choose concise language that has impact.
  1. Over the edgers turn every business item into an emotional drama. Their clients walk away fatigued and eager for a rational, positive solution and a different business.

Connect with a Click Clarity Solutions :

  • Restore inner calm by choosing to relax in calming places and activities for you.
  • Replenish your core of professional well being with daily affirmations.
  • Invest time relating with professional colleagues who are calm.
  • Recognize multiple benefits that result from releasing drama.