Leadership is Confident Communicating with Heart

If you feel like a leader you are right.

Leaders in our society can be students, family members, messengers in spiritual centers,  artists and entertainers,  scientists, explorers, humanitarian  and animal rights advocates, inventors, athletes, writers, and sometimes political leaders.

Genuine leaders create a positive legacy through putting the welfare of others ahead of their own interests and consistently matching actions to goals.

I like to describe their leadership as “Confident Communication with Heart.”

We have all witnessed men and women who have charmed, bullied and even bought their way into positions of power. Their leadership was based on greed and ego.

Real Leaders (past and present) foster development by bringing out the best in others as they speak to connect.

Real Leaders face personal and public challenges with courage. In word and deed they communicate compassion with heart and without bias.

Real Leaders serve the welfare of others while tirelessly sharing time and attention .

Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ, Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, and Jean Vanier   are only a few leaders who have lived with heart and encouraged many followers to become leaders.

I remember reading how shy Eleanor Roosevelt once was. Her vision to see the better good for many enabled her to overcome her timidity so she could share her vision of helping the downtrodden.

Confident communicating arises from being able to determine what is most important, and to share that focus clearly. Confidence is available to everyone who wants something better. The more you learn to communicate with heart the greater your confidence will grow.

To think about:

What leaders inspire you? How have they affected your work? Your personality? Your social life? Your choices?

In what way do you see yourself as a leader?

How can we help our young people to develop leadership skills?

If you feel compelled please respond.

Positively, Pauline
Author of Speak &Lead
Amazingly You…. Confident Communicating with Heart