“Amazingly You!”: How to Keep Dreams Alive for Entrepreneurs

A realistic, but practical session on how you too can discover your greatest strengths and best ways to meet the challenges.

Join guestspeaker Pauline Duncan-Thrasher at Windermere Manor on May 23rd for the 18th session of the Motivational Luncheon Speaker Series. Meet fellow entrepreneurs from 11:30 to 12:00 and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Discover how Pauline and other entrepreneurs keep themselves feeling and acting “Amazingly.

Call 858-1414 x430 to reserve your ticket.

A Question to Ponder: How Do You Embrace The Woman Within You?

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am excited to be working on a chapter for a collaborative book by 25 authors. The title of the book is The Power of A Woman… Embracing the Woman Within.  I would be grateful if you could share just one or two sentences about the main way that You embrace your woman within. Please just share your first thought – likely the most significant for this questionnaire anyway.

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First 20 Steps to Evaluating Performance

Successful business growth relies on successful work habits. As a leader your responsibility is to enable growth through a professional, positive, constructive process of evaluation.

Excellent evaluation fosters cost effective work habits within an atmosphere that celebrates attitude towards work.

To me, an evaluation needs to be based on a genuine desire to help the person being evaluated, a willingness to put aside one’s own agenda to concentrate on someone else’s success and journey, and an understanding of personality differences, excellence, and ego.

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Four Lessons I’ve Learned from Competing in Speech Contests

In a world that is often cold with cynicism and dark with indifference, speakers need to ignite sparks that will restore hope and energize initiative.

  1. How to create a speech for a contest
  2. How to compress a speech into a limited time frame
  3. How to channel excited energy while speaking
  4. How to want so passionately to be declared the “best” while still being able to deal with not even placing in the top three

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June 4, 2005: Presidents’ Workshop Reflections

Wondrous, magical moment

Of connection

Eyes to eyes

Speaker to Listener

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How to Plan a Good Meeting: Part II

Excerpt from Speak and Lead Series by Pauline Duncan-Thrasher

Last minute rushes leave people frazzled and out of sorts. Successful meetings are well-planned meetings. Informing people in advance sends the message that you value their time as well as yours.

  • Prioritize three best meeting dates.
  • Appoint a treasurer if money is involved.
  • Create a budget.
  • Discuss suitable locations.
  • Choose a facility (location/ room set up) committee leader.
  • Plan whether and when you will provide refreshments.
  • Confirm as soon as possible place, date and time.

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How to Plan a Good Meeting: Part I

Excerpt from Speak and Lead Series by Pauline Duncan-Thrasher

 What are key differences between a poor meeting and a good meeting?

A poor meeting lacks purpose, is clearly disorganized, wastes time and manages to aggravate the obnoxious while infuriating the calm: An ineffective chairperson mumbles or shouts, plays favourites, is easily sidetracked, unable to deal with controversy, and lacks knowledge of parliamentary procedure. Sadly we’ve all had to sit through too many poorly run, time wasting meetings.

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Second Website

www.swimminwomenbook.com is the name of our second website, created to meet the needs of women and the men who love them. Blogs will centre around how we can find ways to continue to “Ride the Waves of Change and Jump Into Life” no matter what our age or our challenges. Would love to hear your responses.

Although new at blogging,  I’ve written like many of you: many journals and diaries. My first book is the starting point. The focus will be on positive energy creation as a counter point to the negatives that so often threaten to submerge us.

Speak and Lead: Good Meetings

How can an ineffective leader become an effective chairperson? Why do some leaders make leading a meeting look so easy? What does someone need to know to lead a good meeting?

Unlike the  ineffective chairperson  who mumbles or shouts, plays favourites, is easily sidetracked and shows a general inability to deal with controversy, the effective chairperson practises the following:

  • Speaks clearly and calmly.
  • Remains objective, focused and courteous despite controversy.
  • Insists on mutual respect among participants.
  • Knows and practises parliamentary procedure.
  • Accommodates spirited debate.
  • Creates fair voting procedures.

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Act Before it’s Too Late

In the one and a half years that we’ve lived here I’ve only visited her one time. Although her family visited several times a week, I knew that she was lonely. She would sometimes sit on her front porch, leaning against the brick wall in her pale flowered house dress with her swollen legs and feet disappearing into shapeless slippers and floppy ankle socks.

Or if she was having a better day she’d sit on her back porch and call out “Hello Neighbour.” I’d respond and walk over to the fence to exchange a few thoughts about the weather. Katrina  invited me over one day to pick plums. While I picked she urged me “Take more. Take more.” My husband doesn’t eat much fruit and I didn’t want the plums to go bad. I offered her grapes from our vines but she said she couldn’t eat them.

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