What People Are Saying!

Awesome, was the word mostly heard after Pauline Duncan-Thrasher’s presentation on, The 12 Powers, at a Wellness Day held for the retired teachers in Oxford County on May 4 2016.  Pauline captivated the audience immediately as she shared with them how spirituality and wellnesses are intrinsically woven.  The audience learned how to access the twelve powers which lie within us in order to sustain a positive spirituality.  Good health is interconnected to being able to accessing these internal resources. Pauline guided the teachers through a meditative exercise to have everyone focus on the different powers.  Her calming voice, personal life stories and beautifully composed slides brought meaningful and lasting messages to her audience.  When asked on the feedback form, what was the most valuable information you are taking away from the Wellness Day, people wrote: Love life!  The power is in each of us.  Value yourself and others more.  Let go!  Live life to the fullest.  Is it any wonder that the participants rated Pauline’s keynote address a unanimous 5 out of 5? Many thanks, Pauline, for sharing your gift of wisdom with the retired teachers of Oxford County.
Helen Reid   Executive Member RTO District 37 Former Principal LDCSB